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What Makes Us Different

About Us

NPA Financial has a clear mission: “Dramatically Impact the Lives of Others.”
This does not explain what we do but why we do it. It defines what we strive to accomplish.

Clients choose to work with NPA Financial because we are different.
NPA Financial is a full-service insurance and investment firm that has been serving community members for over 100 years. We recognize that you have many choices when it comes to selecting the firm and financial professional you are comfortable working with. We are committed to providing our clients with a consistent quality financial experience. We do this one client at a time — we recognize that each client is unique and has his or her own goals and objectives.

At NPA Financial, we have over 100-years of partnerships available to you throughout your relationship with us. We put process over products to help you reach your unique goals and objectives.

We have offices in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Upstate New York.

Our Unique Process

Our Unique Process

Our Critical Mass No Boundaries (CMNB™) process represents our commitment to providing our clients with a consistent quality financial experience targeting predictable outcomes.

The process is made up of 5-steps that help us work together effectively today and into the future. Using this process, we build plans with solid foundations that allows for adjustments and refinements as clients' needs and priorities evolve.

<i>Setting the Course&#160;<br />for Your Future</i>

Setting the Course 
for Your Future

Time for both you and our agency to address what needs to be accomplished: establishing common values, assessing quantifiable assets, identifying resources, developing a plan of action, and ultimately, building a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

<i>Our Commitment to Help You Fulfill Your Dreams</i>

Our Commitment to Help You Fulfill Your Dreams

Our collective pursuit in addressing the hopes, dreams, goals and desires that can be achieved through our mutual commitment to the continuous evolution of your strategy. Service and commitment help assure the continued success of our relationship.

<i>A Team Approach</i>

A Team Approach

Our goal is that our firm, the entire financial team, is at your disposal throughout the CMNB™ process. All dimensions of our expertise are made available to you throughout your relationship with us. This provides you with a depth of knowledge that could not be available by any one person.

Our Beliefs

The things we believe in drive our process. We believe…

Responsibility to Others

We believe it is our responsibility to help each individual and family protect their loved ones from financial hardship, manage their assets in the smartest manner and build an enduring, sustainable legacy.

Commitment to Success

We believe that success begins with family, founded in education, realized through the ability to live a balance life and made possible by the collective involvement of trusted, quality advisors.

Shared Partnership

We believe character is at the heart of a strong relationship, rooted in mutual respect and values, and strengthened through conviction and shared experience.